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Why Take Theatre?

Theatre makes an impact – not just on the artist or the audience, although that is the idea and why the Theatre Directors in Salem-Keizer have such high standard for their productions. Theatre has an impact on the future. It creates ready to work and learn young adults who are, statistically, more likely to become contributing members of society. Here’s how:

Theatre make Students College and Career Ready.

Cast and crew members work collaboratively under high stress situations, think critically and creatively, and require high work ethic skills that colleges and employers value. In two of Google’s recent studies assessing the skills in their top employees and teams, communicating, empathy, critical thinking, valuing others, and connecting complex ideas were at the top of both lists.

Theatre increases brain development.

In a time in teens’ lives where their emotional center of the brain (limbic system) is well (or over) developed and the Frontal Cortex controlling logic and decision-making is vastly underdeveloped, participating in theatre gives students a safe place for risk taking and explore emotions.

Investing in Theatre gains a huge return on investment.

Turning out students with high work ethic means more high quality workers, means higher pay, means more spending back into our economy. Additionally, artists have an 86% voting record compared to the rest of the country at 60 percent. Theatre students believe in caring for others and our world; they have a global view and volunteer more than their peers.

Theatre kids do better in school.

Statistically, students of theatre are three times as likely to earn an award for attendance and academic achievement than their non-arts students, score an average of 91 points higher on the SAT, and are TWICE and likely to graduate from college. High poverty students involved in theatre have a 4% drop out rate.

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Standards for Theatre

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