Parents' guide to graduation

Talk with your Child’s Teachers

Frequent communication with your child’s teachers is central to your student’s success in school.

Two-way Communication

It’s important that the communication is two-way; teachers can share information about student performance in school, and parents can share insights to help the teacher understand how best to help the student.

For example, share information about your child’s interests, your family’s daily life and culture. Although face-to-face meetings with your child’s teacher are limited in distance learning, try to connect with your teacher through virtual meetings, emails or sending a message through ParentSquare when you have a question or something to share.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Attending parent-teacher conferences (at all grade levels) is very, very important to student success. Here are some tips for parents to prepare for conferences:

  1. Make time to attend conferences! Right now, conferences are occurring virtually, which can make it even easier to fit into your personal schedule.
  2. Before the conference, write down a few questions for the teacher. For example, “Is my student working up to their ability in writing?” Or, “Is it possible for my student to re-take the quiz on fractions?” And, “What can we do outside of class time to support what you’re teaching?”
  3. Share things about your child and life at home. Don’t be afraid to have an honest conversation with the teacher.
  4. During the conference, make notes of things you plan to do to help your student succeed in school.
  5. Put your plans into action right away after meeting with the teacher.

For information on your school’s conference schedule, or to find a list of teachers at your school, please visit your school’s website.

Fall conferences for the 2022-23 school year will take place Oct. 26 and 27. More details on upcoming key dates is available on the district website.

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