SKPS Equity, Access and Advancement

Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement (OSEAA)

We acknowledge that equity is both a process and an outcome. The Office of Student Equity, Access and Advancement works with staff, students, parents, and community members to support underrepresented students to ensure their success in school.

Cynthia Richardson
Cynthia RichardsonDirector of Student Equity, Access and Advancement
Helen Richardson
Helen RichardsonProgram Associate
Dwight Roberson
Dwight RobersonCommunity Resource Specialist
Ken Ramirez
Ken RamirezCommunity Resource Specialist
Cindy Jennings
Cindy JenningsSenior Secretary


Equity in the Salem Keizer School District will not be confused with equality where all students are treated the same. Equity will be attained when the achievements of our historically underserved students match the outcomes of students in the dominant culture; when underserved groups increase in capacity and power; and when barriers to student success have been mitigated or eliminated”

The District Equity Committee’s purpose will focus on the following:

  • Voice for underserved, marginalized students, families, communities, staff, and all stakeholders with a focus on empowerment and validation.
  • Unpack our own beliefs and biases as well as the current reality in the district, identifying assets and barriers through listening and the analysis of quantitative, qualitative, and anecdotal data through an equity lens.
  • Act to identify, initiate, prioritize, align, recommend, train, and build capacity.
  • Change the thinking, discourse, practices, and culture necessary to eliminate educational inequities and support systematic practices that empower all students.

The Superintendent’s Student Equity Committee is made up of representatives from all high school programs in the district. They represent the diverse voices of their peers while identifying and examining inequities within the district.


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