Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement


Student, Family, and Community-Friendly Equity definition:

All students will have the opportunities and supports necessary to succeed.

Equity for Staff and Administrators is defined as:

Eliminating all barriers so that all students get an education free of bias, systemic and structural racism, therefore ensuring career and college readiness.

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NAACP awards SKPS students in Juneteenth essay contest

The Salem-Keizer NAACP recognized three Salem-Keizer Public Schools students on Friday, June 18 for their winning essays about the Juneteenth holiday.

Juneteenth student essays

SKPS Equity Audit

Salem-Keizer is dedicated to dismantling oppressive structures by developing the knowledge, will, and skill of our leaders.

Equity Audit: will help us to develop our knowledge to help meet equity needs.

Quantitative surveys

The Equity Audit launch will be April 27, 2021, with a message from the Superintendent. A survey will be emailed from to students, staff, and families the week of May 3. The survey will take 22-27 minutes to complete. The deadline for submission is May 21.

Qualitative interviews

A one-hour Zoom interview will be conducted with students and families from six selected schools. The interviews will occur May 4-14, 2021.

When will the results be available?

Equity Audit results will be submitted to the district no later than July 31.

How will we use the results?

The results will be used to make visible any inequities, identify the sources of the inequities, and eliminate the inequities through district wide reforms. In addition to this, the results will be used to make systemic changes to improve outcomes of minoritized and systemically underrepresented students and create a school system that is inclusive and accessible to all students and families.

District Equity Team

The Extraordinary Eighteen Equity Team provides equity trainings for Salem/Keizer K-12 leadership and staff.

For more information on equity training, please contact the Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement.

Email OSEAA or call 503-399-3001

District Equity Work

The Office of Student Equity, Access, and Advancement:

  • Promotes, supports, and advocates for the vision and values around diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of the Salem Keizer School District.
  • Analyzes student performance data in order to recommend school and/or community interventions.
  • Promotes inclusion and equity for all within our schools by examining issues of institutional equity and advising district staff on responses to incidents of bias and harassment
  • Reviews and analyzes student performance, program participation and behavior data in order to form policy and/or procedural recommendations
  • Develops and oversees the implementation of the district’s Equity Strategic Plan

Equity in the Salem Keizer School District will not be confused with equality where all students are treated the same. Equity will be attained when the achievements of our historically underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized students match the outcomes of students in the dominant culture; when underserved groups increase in capacity and power; and when barriers to student success have been mitigated or eliminated.

The Superintendent’s Student Equity Committee is made up of representatives from all high school programs in the district. They represent the diverse voices of their peers while identifying and examining inequities within the district.


OSEAA Director
OSEAA DirectorCynthia Richardson
Administrative Assistant
Administrative AssistantPatricia Farmer

Program Associates

OSEAA Program Associate
OSEAA Program AssociateHelen Richardson
OSEAA LGBTQ+ Program Associate
OSEAA LGBTQ+ Program AssociateBailey Anderson
Talented & Gifted CSOC
Talented & Gifted CSOCArthur Luna
Talented & Gifted Senior Secretary
Talented & Gifted Senior SecretaryTBD

Community Resource Specialists

Pacific Islander Students, K-12th
Pacific Islander Students, K-12thKathleen Jonathan
Pacific Islander Students, 8-12th
Pacific Islander Students, 8-12thChristopher Fuimaono
African American Students, 8-12th
African American Students, 8-12thTBD
African American Students, K-12th
African American Students, K-12thMarvin Mason
Latinx Students, 8-12th
Latinx Students, 8-12thCrystal Maciel
Latinx Students, 8-12th
Latinx Students, 8-12thJuan Cervantes
Elementary Students K-5th
Elementary Students K-5thSarah Castillo
Elementary Students K-5th
Elementary Students K-5thAlina Proshak

Community School Outreach Coordinators

Claggett CSOC
Claggett CSOCRodora Alvarez
Crossler & Judson CSOC
Crossler & Judson CSOCNatasha Fuimaono
EDGE CSOCJoel Rivera
Houck CSOC
Houck CSOCGaldina Larios
Leslie & Parrish CSOC
Leslie & Parrish CSOCStephanie Mentado-Hernandez
Straub, Walker, & Whiteaker CSOC
Straub, Walker, & Whiteaker CSOCLatrice Freeman
Stephens CSOC
Stephens CSOCBeverly Nuño
Waldo CSOC

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