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While dress and grooming are basically the individual responsibility of students and their parents, the total learning climate of a school is important to educational progress. Students’ dress shall be modest, neat, clean, and in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety practices. When dress and grooming disrupt or directly interfere with the educational process, it becomes a matter for counseling with the student and/or parent. Inappropriate clothing, apparel, and/or jewelry may be confiscated.


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Dress Code Policy

Examples of inappropriate clothing include clothing that is immodest; advertises, depicts, or promotes the use of tobacco, tobacco products, drugs, alcohol, racism, harassment; or is sexually explicit or demeaning. Additionally, clothing adorned with weapons or implements which could be used as weapons, and/or clothing which is worn for the purpose of establishing and identifying gang membership is not acceptable and will be confiscated.

Individual schools may choose to expand the guidelines with approval from their site council and parent advisory committee. Schools adopting school uniforms for students will follow the district school uniform.

To create consistency between schools, the Superintendent or his/her designee will develop and administer dress code guidelines for elementary, middle and high schools that will support the dress code policy. Individual schools may choose to expand the guidelines with approval from their Site Council, LSAC, and/or other parent advisory committee.


* Discuss with your principal/administrator dress code exceptions for medical and religious reasons.
(INS-A025 – 4 Policy 4.2 establishes that schools may individually expand dress code guidelines.)

Specific examples of inappropriate school attire

  • Any clothing, jewelry or item which references gang symbols, nicknames, weapons, drug/alcohol, tobacco signs or symbols, profanity, or language including but not limited to: Homies, 8 balls, chains, jokers, brown pride, Asian pride, clowns, insane clown posse (ICP), football jerseys or shirts with the numbers 13, 14, 18, X3, X4, XIII, XIV, 503, 277, 278, 85, “420,” swastikas, signs/symbols of drugs or alcohol
  • Any clothing or item that is a put down to self and/or others, including racial put-downs, sexually demeaning pictures, words, numbers, or sexual innuendo
  • Clothing which compromises modesty. Immodest clothing such as tank tops, halter tops, tube tops, muscle shirts, backless tops/dresses or see through attire.
  • Clothing that exposes inappropriate areas including undergarments, and midriffs shall not be worn at school
  • Shorts and skirts that do not cover the mid-thigh area. Fashion holes in pants must be below the thigh
  • Chains. These include wallet, security and dog chains, including any form of spiked and/or studded accessories
  • Sunglasses are not permitted indoors*
  • Gloves*
  • Full-length coats and rainwear inside the school
  • No head coverings, including: hats, stocking caps, scarves, bandannas*
  • Writing on body and clothing
  • Pants that sag below the hips. Pant legs must be worn evenly. Belts are to be worn in the belt loops

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