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Local dental health professionals, community agencies and school personnel formed Dental Health Solutions for Children as a comprehensive school-based approach to dental health education, prevention and access to treatment. Our program improves the oral health of students through collaborative efforts emphasizing education, prevention services and access to care. It has received recognition and awards and is used as a program model for for other communities in Oregon.

Dental Health Education

Parent Education focuses on the importance of “baby teeth,” the role bacteria plays in dental disease, how nutrition affects teeth, and proper oral hygiene. Lessons are presented at Head Start parent meetings, teen parent programs, health fairs, housing shelters, and other venues.

Student Education offered to all 46 elementary schools focuses on proper home care and nutrition, and empowers students to outsmart cavity-causing bacteria.

Prevention Services

School-Based Dental Screenings conducted by dental health professionals serve as a tool to help identify and prioritize students’ oral health needs. Result forms are sent home after the screening to notify parents of findings.

The oral health rating (1-4) is used for consistency throughout the District.

1 = no obvious cavities
2 = cavities
3 = obvious cavities
4 = urgent needs

Fluoride Varnish Project: Dental hygienists visit Head Start preschool sites to apply fluoride varnish to children’s teeth; minimizing the chances of dental decay.