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Dental Health

Salem-Keizer Public Schools offers a full program in our schools for teaching about dental health and helping students get dental care.


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Access to Dental Treatment

If your student is experiencing dental pain and you need assistance arranging dental care, please contact your student’s school.

Prevention Services

  • School-Based Dental Screenings – Each year, school-wide dental screenings are provided to all students in select elementary schools. The dental screening is a quick assessment by a dental assistant or dental hygienist and does not replace a thorough examination by a dentist. Serious oral health problems may be missed in a screening. Parents are notified out students dental screening outcomes by notes sent home, and by phone calls when more serious needs are identified. School district health services staff are available to help families access dental care. Parents are notified of upcoming dental screenings and have the opportunity to opt students out from participation by notifying school staff in writing prior to the day of the screening.
  • School-Based Dental Sealant Clinics – In partnership with Capitol Dental Care, select elementary and middle schools receive school-based dental sealant clinics. The clinics last for several days per school and are funded by the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) so there are no costs for services. All students who have parent consent are eligible to receive (if needed):
    • Dental sealants
    • Fluoride varnish
    • Silver diamine fluoride
    • Temporary fillings

Dental Health Resources

Get Dental Insurance

  • Purchase Health Insurance – If you need to buy health insurance, visit to see if you qualify.
  • Oregon Health Plan  The Oregon Health Plan (OHP) covers medical care, dental care, mental health care, and substance abuse treatment for adults and children in Oregon.

Find Dental Services

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Dental Health Education