Student Transfers

In-District Transfer Process Between Schools

The in-district transfer window is open from March 1-31. Contact your student’s school if you have questions. You can find school contact information on the School Directory web page.

Download In-District Transfer Forms

Both English and Spanish version of the fillable PDF forms are contained in the documents linked to below.

In-District Transfer Form, Elementary

In-District Transfer Form, Middle School

In-District Transfer Form, High School

  1. To fill out the form electronically download one of the PDFs linked above. For best results use Acrobat to complete and save the form. Parents or guardians can also obtain a printed version of the form from their school.
  2. Return the completed form to your student’s assigned school.
  3. See In-District Transfer Procedure for more detailed information (Elementary, Middle School, High School).

Electives In-District Transfer

The In‐District Transfer (IDT) process is used to request permission to attend a different school in order to access certain educational programs not offered at a student’s resident school.

Parents and students should be aware of the following:

  • There are no guarantees that IDT requests will be approved.
  • Bus transportation is not provided for students attending school on an IDT.
  • If the course a student wants to take is offered at their home school, they are not eligible for transfer to another school.
  • If the number of applicants for a program exceeds the number of available seats, students will be selected by lottery.
  • Each student may submit only one IDT form, and may request transfer for only one program. If the program is available at multiple schools, students may list more than one school on the IDT form.
  • If selected and registered, students are expected to complete the entire program course sequence. Continuation of the IDT for following years is dependent on continued enrollment in program courses.
  • Students who take less than a standard course load or drop from the program will return to their resident school.

Programs Eligible for In-District Transfers
Programs Eligible for In-District Transfers INS-W014

Transfer INTO Salem-Keizer School District

Before a non-resident student can attend school in the Salem-Keizer School District, the student’s current district must approve the student for “release” to another district.

Start the process by contacting your current assigned school district and complete their transfer form. If your current school district approves the transfer, they will send a request to Salem-Keizer’s office of K-12 Education. The request is then sent to the principal of the requested school. Once a decision is made, parents are notified by phone or letter with instructions on how to begin the registration process.

Transfer OUT of Salem-Keizer School District

Before a student residing in our district can attend a school outside our district, Salem-Keizer must approve the student for “release” to another district. To begin the process, please complete a Salem-Keizer Public Schools Non-Resident Transfer Request form.

After processing the request, Salem-Keizer will send the needed forms to the requested school district. Applicants can expect to hear from the new district by phone or mail regarding their decision to accept the transfer. Submit the completed form and documentation by fax, email or in-person to:

Salem-Keizer Public Schools
K-12 Education
2450 Lancaster Dr. NE, Suite 200
Salem, OR 97309-0024

Phone: 503-399-2632
Fax: 503-375-7817

Nancy Sweeney, Administrative Assistant
Email Nancy Sweeney