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GoGuardian Parent App

Using the GoGuardian Parent app for iOS and Android devices, parents and guardians are able to monitor and control their students’ internet usage on their school district-issued devices. (Note: This does not apply to devices you personally own.)

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Monitoring Internet Access

Summarized Activity

Parents can view the top five sites visited in each of the following categories over the past day, week, two weeks or month.


A pie chart illustrating the top 5 website visited in the last month

Documents, Apps & Extensions

A list of the top 5 documents, apps and extensions used in the past month

Teacher Intervention

The GoGuardian app will display the number of times your child’s teacher intervened in their web browsing during class. Teacher interventions include limiting a student to a single web site (called screen locking), or closing a browser tab for them.

0 Locked screens
0 Tabs Closed
0 Tabs Closed
0 Tabs Closed

Detailed Activity

Parents can view a time stamped list of every web site their child has accessed or attempted to access over the last month, and how much time they spent on that site. If the student was blocked from viewing a page by the district’s web filter, the list will indicate it.

A timestamped list of websites visited

Controlling Internet Access

Block Web Sites

Parents have the ability to control their student’s internet usage outside of school hours. Student devices are monitored through the district’s internet filter 24/7, but parents can block additional web sites before and after school if they choose. For example, some parents block certain gaming or social media web sites during homework time.

  1. Select the Filter icon at the bottom of the screen.Filter
  2. Select Add Website
    Add website
  3. Enter a website address and click Create.
    Enter a website URL. Select the create button.

Block All Internet Access

Parents can pause internet access outside of school hours for various lengths of time, including 15 or 30 minutes, 1, 2 or 4 hours, or for the rest of the day. Additionally, parents can create a recurring schedule of periods during which they don’t want their child to access the internet.

Internet access can only be blocked outside of normal school hours.

  1. Select the Filters icon
  2. Select the Pause button.
  1. Select the Time Limits icon at the bottom of the screen.Time Limits
  2. Select the Add Schedule button.Add Schedule
  3. Select the time of day and days of the week you want to block access. Note: to block internet access overnight, you must create a schedule from evening until midnight, and a second schedule from midnight until morning.Create a schedule start time and end time. Days of the week: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
  4. Select the Create button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. GoGuardian can only be accessed by the GoGuardian Parent app on an iOS or Android device.

After you’ve downloaded the GoGuardian Parent app, create an account using the e-mail account on file at your child’s school. An e-mail verification will be sent to you. You must click the link inside the e-mail from your mobile device. Your child’s internet activity will automatically be associated with your account.

Each parent needs their own email address.  GoGuardian won’t create accounts for duplicate emails within the same student record.

You will not be able to pause your child’s web access during normal school hours.

It takes less than a minute before internet pausing takes effect.

Information showing your student’s web activity updates at least once per minute.

The Parent app includes a drop-down list of your children. To monitor a different child, click the arrow on the list and then select the child you wish to monitor.

Multiple children are listed by clicking on the dropdown list

If you cannot see your child in the Parent app, contact your child’s school and make sure they have your correct email address on file.