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Salem-Keizer Public Schools

Salem Family Literacy Program

1515 Saginaw Street S

Salem, OR 97302



Salem Family Literacy Program Poster

Salem Family Literacy Program Poster

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Volunteer with Salem Family Literacy Program Poster

Philosophy: Empowering teen parents through education.

We welcome teen-parent students who are working towards completing their GED; helping them successfully attain their goal of graduating high school while providing comprehensive education for the family unit.

At Salem Family Literacy Program we approach each situation with intensive and integrative components. Our program is designed to improve the educational and economic opportunities of teen parent families by:

  • Helping children reach their potential as learners
  • Providing literacy skills for their parents
  • Helping parents become full partners in the education of their children

Who can apply?

• Moms between the ages of 16-20

• Expectant mothers between the ages of 16-20

• Moms 16- 20 years old seeking to complete High School obtaining their Diploma or GED certificate

• Both parent and child must participate in the program together

* If your 21st birthday is in September. Please, call 503-365-4800 to find out if you can still qualify due to age.

Elements of Salem Family Literacy:

  • Teen Parents work toward completing their GED, or take classes online to complete their high school diploma
  • Early Childhood classrooms are on-site providing age-appropriate education to children birth to five
  • Life and career skills classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Home visits and family support
  • Parent/Child interactive literacy activities teaching parents to be their child’s first teacher

The Salem Family Literacy Program has a solid record of providing services to families in our area. We believe in breaking cycles of poverty by providing education for the family unit. Since its startup in 2003, our program has provided services to the Salem-Keizer community, empowering families through education. Parents enrolled in our program have the opportunity and access to improve their education and workforce status, while strengthening their parenting skills, and preparing their children for success in school.

A key element in family literacy is that it brings together parents and their children in an educational environment to facilitate and nurture the learning relationship between them. As parents receive more academic support and enhance their literacy skills, they can better support their children’s education increasing their possibilities to gain employment.