Public Records Requests

Requests for public records must be submitted in writing to either the Communications Project Manager and Operations Supervisor, Aaron Harada or the Superintendent at Salem-Keizer School District, P.O Box 12024, Salem, OR 97309

Requests may also be emailed to Aaron Harada.

The written request must include the requestors name, address and telephone number and state the following:

  1. Records requested, including the scope, as it relates to the time frame for the records.
  2. Whether the requestor wishes to inspect original records, obtain paper, electronic or other media copies.
  3. For requests that include personal contact information, the requestor must provide clear and convincing evidence, in writing, on how the public interest is served by disclosure.

If the District deems it appropriate to release the records, the information will be held for at least seven (7) days after the affected person(s) received copies of the request and supporting materials.

Go to the document Public Record Requests ADM-P002 for more details.