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Award-winning music programs that provide students with opportunities for creative expression and confidence-building.

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Music & Theatre Arts
Portland Road Professional Center
4760 Portland Road NE, Suite 101

Stephen Lytle
Coordinator of Music & Drama

Kathryn Kem
Program Assistant

Sheila Gebhardt
Administrative Specialist

Salem-Keizer Music Programs

Salem-Keizer Public Schools offers a wide variety of both instrumental and vocal music programs from kindergarten through 12th grades. Our music faculty join us from around the country, bringing their rich and diverse experiences to our district so students enjoy access to a quality music education.

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ODE Music Standards

The Salem-Keizer school district is full of thriving music programs and excellent staff. This creates a culture of high expectations and exceptional support and growth opportunities. I truly believe I have grown so much as a music educator.

The well-supported, high quality music programs, in all levels and areas makes me proud to be a new hire in the district.

Teaching in a community that supports you and loves music is a dream come true. The students are phenomenal and I feel gratified as a musician in the quality of music we get to make together.

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Our district employs more than 100 music teachers, serving students in kindergarten through high school. Students in our elementary schools receive at least an hour of music instruction each week, in addition to optional participation in choir, orchestra, and band. The choir, orchestra, and band programs continue through high school, with the full complement offered at each of our traditional middle and high schools. Some schools also offer courses in guitar, world drumming, piano, ukulele, and more!

Our programs are staffed vertically, enabling students to receive instruction from teachers working within their area of specialty. Our faculty hail from around the country, drawn by the commitment our community makes to ensuring all students have access to a quality music education. To see available positions, visit our Careers page.