Bus Rider Registration

Bus Rider Registration

Rider Registration Process

Salem-Keizer Public Schools requires bus-rider registration in some areas of the district. The benefits of Rider Registration include:

  • Enhanced student safety: students board the correct bus, limits bus overcrowding, helps improve student conduct, restricts unauthorized riders
  • More accurate communication with parents
  • Cost savings from routing efficiencies

Who Needs to Register

Any transportation-eligible student attending one of the schools listed below that wants to ride the school bus to and/or from school needs to be registered. Students must register for bus service every school year.

  • Battle Creek Elementary School
  • Brush College Elementary School
  • Chávez Elementary School
  • Chapman Hill Elementary School
  • Forest Ridge Elementary School
  • Harritt Elementary School
  • Kalapuya Elementary School
  • Myers Elementary School
  • Optimum Learning Environments Charter School
  • Straub Middle School
  • Walker Middle School
  • West Salem High School

Transportation-eligible means that the student lives at a residence within their neighborhood school attendance boundary, and the residence is outside the State of Oregon defined walk zone for that school. The walk zones are 1.0 mile for elementary students and 1.5 miles for secondary students.

Registration forms are accepted and processed all year. Please complete a form as soon as possible for fall service.

Registration Forms

Please complete and return a registration form as soon as possible. Be sure to check the appropriate box at the top of the form (Eligible Rider, Space Available Rider, or Not Sure).

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School Bus Rider Information – Spanish

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School Bus Rider Information – English

Pick up your Rider Registration form

  • Download the PDF file of Registration form located to the right. Available in English or Spanish.
  • or registration forms can also be picked up at your school office.
  • or forms can also be picked up at Transportation Services (map) between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays.

Return the Rider Registration form by one of the following means:

  • Email completed forms to RideRequest@salkeiz.k12.or.us
  • or mail to the Transportation Services at 998 Hawthorne Ave NE, Salem, OR 97301
  • or drop off at Transportation Services (map) between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays.
  • or drop off at your school office
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Bus Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

Who can help me if I have bus questions?

Contact your school or Transportation Services at 503-399-3100.

If my student is eligible, how long will it take to get authorized to ride the bus?

Except for the start of the school year, students who are eligible should be assigned to a stop within five working days after the registration form is received (at the start of each school year, bus stops and routes information is released in mid-August.)

How will I hear about bus stop information?

The school will notify eligible riders. For secondary students, the student will be called to the office to have a security sticker attached to their ID/ASB card. For elementary students, the office will notify the parent with bus and stop information.

What if my child only rides the school bus for field trips?

You don’t need to fill out a Rider Registration form for bus transportation to sporting events or field trips.

What if my student only needs bus service seasonally, like in between sports seasons?

Your student can still receive service. Please turn in a registration form as soon as possible (fill in the start date on the registration form) or at least 10 days prior to the day you need service to start.

What if my student just wants to ride home with a friend?

There are one-time bus passes available at the school, but there is no guarantee that a seat will be available on any given day. A note from a parent or guardian authorizing the student to go home with a specific student or to a specific address must be presented to the school office staff. Please be aware that if the bus is running at capacity, a one-time pass may not be issued or may be revoked and the student will be sent back to the office to contact their parents for transportation.

What if my student won’t ride the bus every day?

If your student will ride the bus to or from school occasionally, they must still register to ride. Please be aware that if any authorized rider does not use a bus stop for an extended time, the stop may be considered for removal. Special circumstances (extended absence) can be accommodated by contacting Transportation Services before the stop is removed. Prior to removing a stop, Transportation Services will check to see which riders are assigned to the stop and attempt to contact the parents and advise them that the stop is being considered for removal. If your student needs to resume riding the bus after their stop has been removed, you will need to submit a new registration form to reactivate the stop.

When do I need to register?

Registration is an ongoing process. Throughout a student’s time in school, they may move in and out of attendance areas, change day care providers, or need to start, stop or change service levels. Anytime your child’s residence or service needs change, a new registration form is needed. A new form is also needed at the start of each school year.

How do I know if my student is eligible for bus transportation?

State law establishes who qualifies for bus service by defining the distance a student can walk to get to school.  If the walking distance between the primary residence and the school is more than one mile for elementary students, or more than 1.5 miles for middle and high school students, the student is eligible for bus transportation.

A student who lives within the state defined walking distance to school may be eligible for bus service if the only walk path available has been deemed hazardous by the district.

If the student is attending the school on an in‐district transfer (IDT), the student is not eligible for bus transportation.

If you are not sure about your status, please contact your school, visit the Bus Routes page, or contact Transportation Services at 503-399-3100.

Does everyone qualify for bus transportation?

No, not every student is automatically eligible.

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