Rider Registration Process

Salem-Keizer Public Schools requires bus-rider registration in some areas of the district. The benefits of Rider Registration include:

  • Enhanced student safety: students board the correct bus, limits bus overcrowding, helps improve student conduct, restricts unauthorized riders
  • More accurate communication with parents
  • Cost savings from routing efficiencies

Who Needs to Register

Any transportation-eligible student attending one of the schools listed below that wants to ride the school bus to and/or from school needs to be registered. Students must register for bus service every school year.

  • Battle Creek Elementary School
  • Brush College Elementary School
  • Chávez Elementary School
  • Chapman Hill Elementary School
  • Forest Ridge Elementary School
  • Harritt Elementary School
  • Kalapuya Elementary School
  • Myers Elementary School
  • Optimum Learning Environments Charter School
  • Straub Middle School
  • Walker Middle School
  • West Salem High School

Transportation-eligible means that the student lives at a residence within their neighborhood school attendance boundary, and the residence is outside the State of Oregon defined walk zone for that school. The walk zones are 1.0 mile for elementary students and 1.5 miles for secondary students.

Registration forms are accepted and processed all year. Please complete a form as soon as possible for fall service.

Registration Forms