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Immunizations Requirements

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Immunizations Requirements Form (English & Spanish)

State Law

Salem-Keizer School District 24J is required by state law to keep a record of each student’s immunizations. Parents who are enrolling a student in school must complete a Certificate of Immunization Status form with their child’s record of immunizations.

Kindergarten students are not allowed to attend school until they have a minimum of one dose each of required vaccines.

Where Can You Get Immunizations?

Immunizations are available at your student’s doctor’s office, at many pharmacies, or at county health departments. Call for information or to schedule an appointment.

Marion County Health Department
3180 Center St. NE
Salem, OR 97301

Polk County Health Department
182 SW Academy Suite 302
Dallas, OR 97338

For questions or more information, contact Student Services at 503-399-3101.

Click Here for Immunization Reports

Non-Medical Exemptions

Senate Bill 895 is a new law about school immunizations.

Key changes made by Senate Bill 895:

  1. Religious exemptions signed prior to March 1, 2014, are no longer valid. Parents will be required to turn in documentation of immunization or complete the new process for a nonmedical exemption prior to Exclusion Day in February 2016.
  2. Schools and children’s facilities (preschools, Head Starts and certified child care programs) will be required to have their immunization and exemption rates available at their main offices, on their websites, and for parents on paper or electronic format.

Schools and child cares can start contacting parents of children with old religious exemptions immediately to get updated documentation of immunization or exemption. A sample letter to parents is available, also in Spanish and Russian. Remember to include a copy of the Certificate of Immunization Status form for parents to fill out.

Visit Oregon Health Authority for more information on Oregon Immunization Law.