Enrollment and Registration

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Are you new to the Salem-Keizer School District?

Set up a ParentVUE Account and Register Online
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Are you NOT new to the Salem-Keizer School District?

If you have ever had a student attend school in the Salem-Keizer School District, then you have an existing parent account. If you have never activated your ParentVUE account, please reach out to your student’s school for your activation letter.

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Three-Step Registration Process

Below is listed the information to enrollment and registration of students at our schools, as well as a link above to access Online Registration. If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact your school.

1. Documentation

Make sure you have the appropriate documentation to register your child. The school will ask for a record of your child’s immunization records.

2. Identify the school

Use our School Boundaries and Bus Routes application to determine what school your student(s) will attend, based on your home address, or call our Boundary Information Line at 503-399-3246.

3. Register

To register your child for school, use our Online Registration Portal (recommended) or download and fill out the Student Registration Form (form available in Chuukese, English, RussianSpanish) and contact your school.

If the school year has started, the best time to register is as soon as possible.

During the summer, depending on Governor Brown’s executive order on social distancing due to the Coronavirus, if you want to use the paper forms instead of the Online Registration Portal, check to make sure the school office is open. Elementary and middle school offices close for part of the summer, but may reopen the third week of August. High school offices may open in the summer depending on Governor Brown’s direction. View all school phone numbers and addresses.

When filling out the forms, make sure to fill out completely – especially the emergency contact information form!


If you have any question please contact your school.

Please contact your student’s school if you have questions or need any additional information with enrollment and registration.

Use the School Search tool to find your student’s school based on your current address.

If you have ever had a student attend class in our district, then you have an existing parent account. If you have never activated your ParentVUE account, please reach out to your student’s school for your activation letter.

Only one ParentVUE account per parent or guardian.