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Online registration is not available for preschool programs. Please visit the Early Childhood Education section for information on preschool registration. 

Enrollment and Registration

Below is listed the information to enrollment and registration of students at our schools, as well as a link above to access Online Registration. If you have any questions about the enrollment process, call your school, or call 503-399-2632.

Three-Step Process

1. Documentation

Make sure you have the appropriate documentation to register your child. The school will ask for a record of your child’s immunization records.

2. Identify the school

Use our  School Boundaries and Bus Routes application to determine what school your student(s) will attend, based on your home address, or call our Boundary Information Line at 503-399-3246.

3. Register

To register your child for school, use our Online Registration Portal or call the school to find out the best time to stop by and register your child.

If the school year has started, the best time to register is as soon as possible.

During the summer, if you want to use the paper forms instead of the Online Registration Portal, check to make sure the school office is open. Elementary and middle school offices close for part of the summer, reopening the third week of August. High school offices stay open all summer. View all school phone numbers and addresses.

When filling out the forms, make sure to fill out completely – especially the emergency contact information form!


If you have any question call your school, or call the K-12 office at 503-399-2632.

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Registration Forms

Parents will receive a registration form, along with a packet of other information, when they register the child or teen at the school they will be attending.

Links to Programs and Schools

Entrance Age Policy

PDF of Administrative Policy INS-A006 for Entrance Age

INS-A006 Entrance Age Policy

The following describes entrance age requirements for admittance of children entering kindergarten and first grade, per policy INS-A006.


A child entering kindergarten for the first time during the fall term shall be deemed to be 5 years of age if his/her birthday occurs on or before September 10. A child whose birthday falls in the summer months may delay enrollment into kindergarten until he/she has reached age 6. This decision is at the parent’s discretion.

First Grade

A child entering first grade for the first time during the fall term shall be deemed to be 6 years of age if his/her birthday occurs on or before September 1.

Proof of Age

At the time of registration, a child entering public school for the first time will be asked to supply the school with some sort of proof of age for the student. This documentation can be a birth certificate, hospital records, signed affidavit by the parent, or any other appropriate documentation.


The District shall follow the immunization regulations established by the Oregon State Public Health Division and Marion County/Polk County Health Departments. For more information, visit the Health and Immunization page.

A child entering public school shall present at the time of registration one of the following:

  • Record of immunization indicating required minimum doses
  • Record of exemption signed by a licensed Oregon physician