This glossary describes terminology and acronyms used in Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

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AD – Athletic Director

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADM – Average Daily Membership

ADMW – Average Daily Membership Weighted

AIMS – Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science

AP – Advanced Placement

AP – Assistant Principal

APE – Adaptive Physical Education

ASB – Associated Student Body

ASK/ESPAssociation of Salem-Keizer Education Support Professionals

AT – Assistive Technology

AV – Audio Visual

AYP – Adequate Yearly Progress

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BAT – Budget Advisory Team

BD – Behavior Disorder

BM – Benchmark

BSSF – Basic School Support Fund

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CAD – Computer Assisted Drafting

CAI – Computer Assisted Instruction

CAN – Community Action for Non-Violence

CAP – Curriculum Assistant Principals

CBOC – Citizen Bond Oversight Committee

CBC – Citizen Budget Committee

CCC – Chemeketa Community College

CCSS – Common Core State Standards

CD – Conduct Disorder

CDS – Child Development Specialists

CEC – Council for Exceptional Children

CELL Survey – Classified Employee Leading and Learning Survey

CET – Children’s Educational Theatre

CIA  – Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

CIP  – Continuous Improvement Plan

CIS – Career Information Service

CIT – Careers in Teaching

CMI – Computer Managed Instruction

CNA – Certified Nurse’s Assistant

COG – Council of Governors

COSA – Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

CPI – Competency Performance Indicators

CPI – Consumer Price Index

CSIP – Comprehensive School Improvement Plan

CSOC – Community School Outreach Coordinator

CTE – Career & Technical Education

CTEC – Career / Technical Education Center

CTP – Community Transition Program

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DAP – Developmentally Appropriate Practices

DD – Developmentally Disabled

DECA – Distributive Education Clubs of America

DH – District Holiday

DHS –Department of Human Services

DLC – Developmental Learning Center

DSSH – Designated State School Holiday

DTLC – Downtown Learning Center

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EAC Equity Advisory Committee

ECE – Early Childhood Education

ECIA – Education Consolidation Improvement Act (TITLE I)

ECSE – Early Childhood Special Education

ED –Emotionally Disturbed

EE_PD_HI – Employee Paid Health Insurance

EG – Elementary Grading Day

EGC – Emotional Growth Classroom

EI – Early Intervention

EIEP – Emergency Immigrant Education Program

ELA – English Language Acquisition

ELAS – English Language Acquisition Specialist

ELA – English Language Arts

ELD – English Language Development

Elem. – Elementary

ELL  – English Language Learner

ELPA – English Language Proficency Assessment

EPIC – Evaluation through Performance Improvement Commitments

ERC – Education Resource Center

ER_PD_HI – Employer Paid Health Insurance

ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act

ESD – Education Service District

ESD1 – Elementary Staff Development Full Day

ESL – English as a Second Language

ESOL  – English Speakers of Other Languages

ESLT–Educational Service Leadership Team

ESP–Education Support Professionals

ESY – Extended School Year


FAE – Fetal Alcohol Effect

FAPE  – Free and Appropriate Public Education

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America

FDAB – Fair Dismissal Appeals board

FERPA –Federal Educational Records Protection Act

FFF – Federal Forest Fees

FTE – Full Time Equivalency

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GED – General Education Development

GLAD – Guided Language Acquisition Design

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HB – House Bill

HIPPA –Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HMP – Health Management Plan

HOST  – Temporary Shelter

HR – Human Resources

HS – High School

HSC –High School Completion

HSF – High School Finals – Early Release

HST – Health Services Team

HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

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IA – Instructional Assistant

IDEA – Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IDT – In-District Transfer

IEP – Individualized Education Plan

IHP – Individualized Health Plan

IL–Instructional Leadership

IPS  – In Program School

ISSC – Instructional Services Support Coordination

ITBS – Iowa Test of Basic Skills

ITI – Integrated Thematic Instruction

ITP – Individual Transition Plan

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K – Kindergarten

K-12 – Kindergarten through 12th Grade

K-12 C – Kindergarten through 12th Grade Conferences

K-12 EC – Kindergarten through 12th Grade Evening Conferences

KDRA – Kindergarten Development Reading Assessments & Parent Conferences

KT – Kindergarten transition

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JGEMS – Jane Goodall Environmental Middle School

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LA – Language Arts

LD – Learning Disabled

LEA – Local Education Agency

LEP – Limited English Proficient

LM – Library Media

LPC – Lancaster Professional Center, 2450 Lancaster Drive NE

LRC – Learning Resource Center

LRE – Least Restrictive Environment

LSAC – Local School Advisory Committee

LSC – Life Skills Center

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MCS – Modified Calendar School

MDT – Multidisciplinary Team

MORS – Mid-Oregon Regional Services

MS – Middle School

MSE – Middle School Early Release

MSLT  – Management Services Leadership Team

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NAPE – National Association of Partners in Education

NCEA – National Community Education Association

NEA – National Education Association

NS – No Students

NSPRA – National School Public Relations Association

NWREL – Northwest Region Educational Laboratory

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OAKS – Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills

OAR – Oregon Administrative Rules

OCEA – Oregon Community Education Association

OCR – Office of Civil Rights

ODE – Oregon Department of Education

OEA – Oregon Education Association

OHI – Other Health Impaired

OLE – Optimum Learning Environments

OPP – Oregon Pre-Kindergarten Program

ORS – Oregon Revised Statutes

OSAA – Oregon School Activities Association

OSBA – Oregon School Boards Association

OSPRA – Oregon School Public Relations Association

OT – Occupational Therapy

OTE – Onward to Excellence

OYA –Oregon Youth Authority

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PA – Program Assistant, contact Curriculum department for more information

PAC – Parent Advisory Committee

PADTC – Polk Adolescent Day Treatment Center

PBIS – Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

PCS – Planned Course Statements

PD360 – Professional Development 360

PDF – Portable Document Format

PE – Physical Education

PERS – Public Employee Retirement System

PIRT – Prevention/Intervention Resource Teacher

PLC  – Professional Learning Communities

PLD –Patterns for Leadership Design

PT – Performance Task

PT – Physical Therapy

PTC – Parent-Teacher Club

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QAM – Quality Assurance Model

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RFP – Request For Proposal

RIF – Reduction In Force

RN – Registered Nurse

RSA – Record of Standards Achievement

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SB – Senate Bill

SBAC – Smarter Balance Assessment Consortium

SCF – Services to Children and Families

SCIP – Social Communication Intervention Program

SDD – Staff Development Day

SEAC – Special Education Advisory Council

SECC – Special Education Child Count

SED – Seriously Emotionally Disturbed

SEL  – Social Emotional Learning

SFF – State School Fund

SG1 – Secondary Grading Day

SH – School Holiday

SID– Statewide Inservice Day

SIOP – Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

SIPA – School Improvement Program Assistant

SK Online – Salem-Keizer Online School

SKCE – Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality 

SKEA – Salem-Keizer Education Association

SKEF – Salem-Keizer Education Foundation

SLC – Structured Learning Center

SLC – Small Learning Communities

SLP – Speech Language Pathologist

SPAC – Strategic Planning Advisory Committee

SPEL – Strategies that Promote Engagement and Learning

SPEDSpecial Education

SRO – Student Resource Officer

SS – Student Services Center

SSD – Secondary Staff Development

SST – Student Services Team

STAT – Student Threat Assessment Team

STEP – Students in Transition Educational Program (Homeless Students)

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T2T – Transition to Teaching

T & A – Trust and Agency

TAG – Talented and Gifted

TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury

TELL  – Teaching, Empowering, Leading and Learning

TIS – Technology and Information Services

TL – Teacher Leader

TLP  – Transitional Language Program

TOSA – Teacher On Special Assignment

TPP – Teen Parent Program

TR – Teaching Research

TSPC – Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

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WESD–Willamette Education Service District

WOU – Western Oregon University

WS – Work Sample

WU – Willamette University

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YRE – Year Round Education

YST – Youth Services Team

YTP–Youth Transition Program

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