Our Volunteer of the Month for December 2017 is reading tutor Jeanine Horn-Richie, nominated by Crossler Middle School Principal Kristine Walton.

Jeanine is a retired State of Oregon employee, and lives in the Crossler neighborhood. She volunteers on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings in Mrs. Alburn’s 6th grade reading class and in Mrs. Fiscum’s 8th grade reading class.

Jeanine said she picked Crossler to volunteer at because she wanted to work with middle school students.

“Everyone likes to read with the little kids, but middle school kids often get forgotten,” she said. “I just wanted to be there for them.”

Jeanine helps out by doing tasks like reading assessments and coaching students on reading comprehension and test-taking skills. She also works with groups of four students reading books out loud together in the library.

You can feel Jeanine’s passion for teaching reading when she talks about working with students. She has a lot of experience teaching reading.

For 10 years, Jeanine volunteered with the Salem Literacy Council and taught reading to adult non-readers in the prison system. She served as the director of the literacy council for 5 years.

Jeanine says volunteering to work with middle schoolers is rewarding.

“It’s interesting to learn about the technology kids have at home,” she said. “But they still need to learn how to use a book. It’s rewarding to help them bridge the gap.”

Thank you Jeanine for sharing your time, passion and expertise by assisting Crossler Middle School teachers and helping students. Congratulations on being named our Volunteer of the Month!