Today at approximately 1:35 p.m., North Salem High School and Parrish Middle School went into a lockdown due to a report of a suspicious individual with a handgun in close proximity to our school’s campus. As part of our lockdown procedures, we immediately engaged our district’s safety and security team and law enforcement.

Due to the seriousness of this report, for a portion of our lockdowns, students and staff were asked to shelter in place and barricade their classrooms, which is one of our district safety protocols. The lockdown was lifted at approximately 2:50 p.m. after law enforcement cleared the building and determined that our schools were safe to resume normal operating procedures.

We want to be very clear: There was not, at any time, an active shooter situation at North Salem High School or Parrish Middle School.

Maintaining the safety and wellbeing of all North Salem and Parrish students and staff during this situation was our #1 priority while we worked closely with our local law enforcement partners and district security to fully investigate this report. Lockdowns like these are implemented as one of our district’s standard safety procedures and in any situation that brings concern for student or staff safety, we will always function in a manner that prioritizes safety and wellbeing.

We want to commend our staff and students for how well they performed during this event. This was a difficult and scary situation and was an example of how critical the excellent response of our students and staff in following our safety procedures was in ensuring our teams could effectively work to maintain the safety of everyone during situations like these.