Salem Keizer Public Schools has worked hard to create two pathways for families to choose: Blended Learning or Enhanced Digital and Guided Learning (EDGE), a robust online program.

Blended Learning

Students in grades 3rd through 12th who choose Blended Learning will attend school in-person two days a week and will learn at home three days a week. Students in grades kindergarten through 2nd grade will attend school in-person four days a week and will learn from home one day a week.

EDGE Program

Students who enroll in the EDGE program will learn primarily at home in an online environment. The EDGE program will combine teacher-led instruction with family-supported and independent at-home learning. Classes will be taught by highly trained SKPS teachers who will create opportunities for students to stay connected to their neighborhood schools. EDGE will provide students with high quality, rigorous and well-rounded learning opportunities, including instructional supports, English language development support and more.

Review the information below to see if the EDGE program is the right fit for your child.

EDGE Checklist

We’re excited to offer two learning opportunities that fit the needs of our Salem-Keizer community.

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