Below are the specific criteria that the consultants will use in identifying outstanding prospects for the position of Salem-Keizer Superintendent of Schools. It is also a document the school board will use in the selection phase of the search.

Written public comment to the school board on Superintendent Search Profile/Criteria

After you review the criteria listed, you can provide written public comment to the school board. The links to comment open November 16 and close 8 a.m. November 28.

Written translation support

If you are interested in providing written comment to the school board and would like to request translation support, please send your contact information and requested language to this email address.

About the characteristics

The list of characteristics below emanate from feedback from the focus groups and interviews and from the results of the Superintendent Search Survey. Within the focus groups, interviews, and survey, our first two questions ask about strengths and complexities of district; and the third question asks specifically about desired characteristics of a new leader. The responses to all three of those questions help inform and shape the establishment of this criteria.

Distilling a list from so much input is both an art and a science, but ultimately must reflect the desires of the elected school board. To that end, we provide to the school board these fifteen desired characteristics as a composite voice from your community and your stakeholders – and as a draft for you to consider.

Salem-Keizer School Public Schools seeks an exceptional educational leader who is a(n)

• Experienced and accomplished educator with a proven track record for leading a district toward greater academic achievement
• Steadfast guardian of safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environments
• Authentic, approachable communicator who listens deeply and speaks compellingly knowledgably, empathetically, and with ease in a multitude of venues and with a variety of audiences
• Tireless defender of equitable opportunities for all students

and who

• Has demonstrated the ability to explicitly serve, engage, and empower all students, especially and intentionally reaching those students who have been marginalized or historically underserved
• Places top priority on student well-being, with the student at the center of decision-making, and recognizes that youth are capable of playing a vital role in decisions that affect them – and that they must be afforded that voice
• Uplifts, unifies, and builds bridges through engagement with all stakeholders
• Establishes trust by focusing on shared values and common ground
• Deftly navigates divergent beliefs by relentlessly centering decision-making around what is best for students, even in the face of external pressures
• Has demonstrated financial acumen in order to garner resources that benefit the district’s students
• Has demonstrated political acumen in order to affect legislation that benefits students districtwide and statewide
• Champions behavioral and mental health so that students can grow and thrive
• Develops, grows, and sustains public, private, and nonprofit partnerships
• Explicitly focuses on building a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the district’s students
• Demonstrates a long-term commitment to the community through visibly participating in service organizations and community and school events