The Oregon Department of Education recently released results from the Oregon Statewide Assessment System’s spring 2022 summative assessments. These are the first state assessments for Salem-Keizer students since the 2018-19 school year.  

“This data sets a new baseline for us as we have transitioned out of the rigid health and safety protocols required by the pandemic,” said Superintendent Christy Perry. “It is one of many data points we use to evaluate our systems and make adjustments to improve student outcomes. As our students have entered back this fall, we have doubled down on our expectations for both behavioral expectations and academic achievement.”   

District staff uses state data in conjunction with school-level formative and summative data so that every student is successful and completes high school.  

“Internally, our data show us that students who achieve English proficiency before grade 9 outperform and graduate at higher rates than their monolingual English-speaking peers,” said Director of Strategic Initiatives Suzanne West. “Data such as these are what we rely on to evaluate the effectiveness of our instruction and systems.”  

The state data shows that Salem-Keizer Public Schools had the highest participation rates among the state’s largest school districts.  

At least 10 elementary schools were at or above the state average for the English Language Arts assessment. Four of the district’s high schools were at or above the state average for the science assessment.  

However, Salem-Keizer’s overall results range from about five basis points below the state average to about 13.   

“Because Salem-Keizer students have not completed state assessments in reading, math, or science since the 2018-19 school year, we are not drawing conclusions or making comparisons to past years,” said West. “In addition to these results, we will continue to use internal benchmarks and assessments to inform instruction. This provides educators a chance to intervene early if a student is struggling. So far, these internal assessment opportunities have shown much growth in student outcomes.” 

Visit this web page on the district website for more information on state tests.