It’s a pleasure to recognize a talented high school student who is making a big impact with her videos.

Sprague High School senior Eden McCall recently won first place in the Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services student video contest. This annual contest is organized by the Oregon Young Employee Safety Coalition.

The group aims to provide education and training for employers, young workers, educators and parents. It does this by highlighting safety and health risks that young people joining the workforce need to know about.

Eden’s video is called “The Silent Condition.” It emphasized the importance of speaking up if you see a safety-related problem at work. Eden won $500 in prize money and earned $500 for Sprague High School.

Winning the video contest helped Eden land an internship this past summer with SAIF Corporation, Oregon’s not-for-profit workers’ compensation insurance company.
During her internship, Eden and her colleague Jill Cote produced two new Public Service Announcements for SAIF called “Life on Mute” that educate young people on the causes of preventable hearing loss.

The commercials have a professional quality that is impressive for a high school student to create. All three videos will be shared on the district website tomorrow in a Spotlight on Success story about Eden.

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Eden’s video production in the coming year. Congratulations on all your success so far, including being honored tonight by the Salem-Keizer School Board with a Spotlight on Success!