Sprague High School’s Unified program, led by teachers Shaun Dohman and Janelle Cash, was honored by Principal Chad Barkes at the April 12, 2022, school board meeting.

Sprague Unified Sports class

Sprague High School has done a great job stressing inclusion among all our students,” Principal Barkes said. “We’ve grown our Unified Sports class to include more than 60 students, many who are regular education students and are partnering with students with special needs.”

This year, Sprague had several assemblies specific to its Unified programs, including hosting the Unified Cup basketball game vs. South Salem High School’s Unified team.

Sprague has four Unified programs in content areas

Teachers at Sprague have opened doors to its Unified programs, including in the areas of Art, Drama, Music, and Business. The goal is to have an inclusive Unified program in all content areas at the school.

Sprague now has four Unified programs that allow more than 100 regular education students to partner with students with special needs. This number is a great increase from years past.

“Unified programs have directly challenged our student body and teachers to assist our students in special programs in new and more meaningful ways. We’ve created a building-wide commitment, that all our students can sign, with their intention to grow our Unified Programs,” Principal Barkes said.

Sprague aims to become a Unified Programs School of Recognition

Principal Barkes said he believes Sprague will soon become a Unified Programs School of Recognition, due to the work that Shaun and Janelle have put into uplifting students at Sprague.

Thank you, Shaun and Janelle. The entire Salem-Keizer community appreciates your efforts.