Tanja Langen, South Salem High School teacher, is being recognized as the Confederation in Oregon for Language Teaching (COFLT) Teacher of the year. Tanja exceeds the requirements for this award in so many ways.  She has dedicated 23 years at South Salem High School where she has taught German and French. She is the German Program. Tanja has mentored several student teachers in the field.  In addition, she prepares her students for rigorous exams such as the National German Exam and the IB German Exam.  Because of her students’ testing scores, students have earned $44,000 in scholarships.

Tanja has infused a love of language learning at South Salem.  She provides a space where students can learn German at a high level through our IB program.  In addition, she provides spaces for students outside of school such as the German Club and National German Honor Society.  Her classroom is a safe place for many students. 

Tanja provides tremendous leadership for her profession in support of students and educators. She’s incredibly well-respected in her content area as a native speaker.  Her lessons are an excellent combination of learning the language as well as the culture. 

One of her students writes in the letter of recommendation, “Her passion for teaching is evident in every class and her fostering of discussion truly promotes the most diverse and engaged classes I have ever been a part of.” 

Thank you, Tanja, for all that you do!