It’s a pleasure to recognize a talented high school student who is making a big impact in our community.

South Salem High School senior Claire Adams, who is also a student board member with the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley, has started fundraising for a mobile shower unit to help with the growing issue of homelessness in Salem.

Together with United Way, Claire hopes to respond to the crisis of unsheltered men, women and children by fostering tangible solutions that address the unmet needs gap in our community.

The project aims to provide a mobile hygiene unit that allows individuals twenty-minute increments of privacy for self-care.

Claire says that it is not only about getting the chance to shower, but also the confidence that comes with being and feeling clean. She believes that showering is a simple solution that can help boost confidence, serving as a great first step for some to get back on their feet.

United Way looks to engage community nonprofit partners, city administrators, community members and advocates to ensure the project is successful. Claire’s goal is to raise somewhere between $200,000 and $250,000 before springtime.

Congratulations, Claire, on all your success so far, including being honored by the Salem-Keizer School Board with a Spotlight on Success! We are excited for you and the many others whose lives you are helping to change.

Pictured from left: School Board Chairperson Kathy Goss, South Salem High School Principal Lara Tiffin, and student Claire Adams with parents Barbara and Shawn Adams.