There are nearly 700 Native American/Alaskan Native students in our schools. Our Indian Education Program is passionate about supporting these students. This includes helping them keep connected to their unique culture and heritage.

SKPS Indian Education PAC Meeting November 2018

One way the team does this is by working closely with the Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee. We honor this committed parent group as one of our Community Partners of the Month.

Throughout the school year, Indian Education holds Family Nights for students and parents. During the 2018-19 school year 13 of these events will take place.

Spotlight on Success

While students are studying, parents meet with district staff to give input on Indian Education Program objectives and activities.

SKPS Indian Education PAC Meeting November 2018

The Parent Advisory Committee is instrumental in helping to plan big events. These include the annual Eagle Feather Graduation Ceremony in May. All Indian Education students who complete high school are honored at this Native-based celebration.

This month, the Parent Advisory Committee is helping to organize a Native American Awareness Gathering on Friday, November 30 at 6 p.m. at Chemeketa Community College. They’ll be traditional music, dancing, storytelling and a dinner. It’s a free family event, and everyone is welcome to attend!

Thank you Indian Education Parent Advisory Committee and congratulations on being recognized as a Community Partner of the Month for November 2018!