One of the Career and Technical Education Center’s newest programs is doing more than just starting coursework this year.

Students in CTEC’s new Law Enforcement program got out of the classroom and spent time last month volunteering in our community.

CTEC teacher Donna Duval says part of being in law enforcement is working actively in the community, so it’s important that students get involved early in volunteer opportunities to begin this critical part of their education.

More than 60 students worked at the Marion Polk Food Share warehouse over two days on December 20 and 21. The students repacked frozen vegetables into family-sized portions, helping prepare more than 5,000 meals for families in need in our community. They also cleaned up a large freezer at the warehouse, and a back room.

In another volunteer role, the students participated on December 15 as actors for the Salem Police Department’s SWAT and Mobile Response Team training drill.

Students enrolled in the Law Enforcement program work with certified law enforcement professionals in our community. They examine state and federal laws and their critical roles in police, corrections and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. Students also strengthen their minds and bodies through rigorous mental and physical training, including advanced self-defense tactics.

The new Law Enforcement program is led by Criminal Justice teacher Josh Barnett, Public Safety teacher Jake Fineran, English and Social Studies teacher Donna Duval and Instructional Assistant Enoch Humlie.

Thank you CTEC Law Enforcement program students for getting involved in our community, and congratulations on being recognized as our Volunteers of the Month for January 2019!