Members of the Transportation Department’s award-winning Road-eo Team was honored at the September 8, 2019, school board meeting

Our bus drivers won multiple awards at the 45th Annual Oregon Pupil Transportation Association State Safety Exercises, held in Eugene on May 4th and June 1st , 2019. The competition emphasizes continuous improvement and safety-focused skills.

There was a total of 50 participants from across the state at each of the all-day events. Salem-Keizer was well represented.

Here are the results.

  • 1st Place, Over All for the South Willamette Region, James Shaffner
  • 1st Place, Novice Transit category for the South Willamette Region, Christina Davenport
  • 1st Place, Novice Transit category in the State of Oregon, Sarah Earls

Other trophy winners from Salem-Keizer Transportation were:

  • 2nd Place, Team Trophy: Jim Shaffner, Kevin Conover, Sarah Healy
  • 3rd Place, Team Trophy: Chrissy Allemann, Christina Davenport, Trish Johannes
  • 4th Place, General Transit: Sarah Healy

We want these bus drivers to know that we are proud of their knowledge and skills. We also want to acknowledge the contributions of our Transportation staff serving as judges during the competitions. Congratulations!