LifeSource Natural Foods

LifeSource Natural Foods has partnered with our Community Transition Program to open a temporary student-run coffee cart business in South Salem.

The business allows students with disabilities to engage in a customer service position in the community, where they work with customers, handle money, and provide hot and cold coffee drinks to customers at LifeSource Natural Foods.

Giving students an integrated job experience with local businesses in the community is something that will increase their skills and experience for future employment opportunities.

Community Transition Program students

Running a student-based business in the community has been the goal with the Community Transition Program coffee cart since its inception five years ago. Salem-Keizer Public Schools is excited that students can now serve customers outside of a district facility.

LifeSource Natural Foods believes that individuals with disabilities can be great employees in our community and we are proud of the ongoing partnership and collaboration for the service of our students and community.