Rachelle Zavalza is a senior at South Salem High School and was selected as one of two students in the entire state to serve as a student advisor to the Oregon Department of Education. 

Rachelle is very active in her education as an IB diploma candidate and participates in a variety of our extracurricular activities including: the Latino Club, where she serves as club president, DECA, and Key Club, to name a few. 

As a State Board Advisor, students are expected to attend monthly board meetings and assist the Board in analyzing policies, proposals and requests. She will serve in the position for the remainder of the school year. 

The mission of the Board is to provide leadership and vision for Oregon’s public schools and districts by enacting equitable policies and promoting educational practices that lead directly to the educational and life success of every student. 

Rachelle advocates for students in our district by sharing her perspective  and participates in discussion around current policies and education topics. She shares her experiences with peers and gets feedback from students and clubs.  

Rachelle plans to attend a liberal arts school in the Pacific Northwest after graduating from high school and is considering a career in the field of education. This position has given her a good perspective of all the opportunities that the education field has to offer. 

Congratulations, Rachelle!