Allison Silbernagel is an advocate for staff-wellness through her role as an elementary counseling program associate. Allison supports the Happy Teacher Revolution, which is a program that aims to build mentally healthy teachers who can subsequently build emotionally healthy students​.

Supporting school counselors

Allison offers Happy Teacher Revolution support to school counselors to help staff feel, deal and have the opportunity to be real with one another about the work educators are passionate about.

Wellness is one of the key foundations of an educator’s ability to positively affect others. When educators are given the opportunity to feel seen, heard, understood and safe to be honest about the challenges and rewards of working in education, they are happier and thus more effective.

Program launched in 2019

Allison began working with the Happy Teacher Revolution in 2019 as the school counselor at Hallman Elementary and extended the program support to EDGE staff during the 2020-21 school year. Allison continues to advocate for the growth of the Happy Teacher Revolution in her new role.  

Allison advocates for the mental health and well-being of staff and looks forward to growing support and resources for educators to retain the healthiest adults to better support student needs.

Allison Silbernagel

Allison Silbernagel
Elementary Counseling Program Associate