Graduation rate is the highest since the state began reporting cohort graduation rates

According to the Oregon Department of Education’s recently released graduation rates for the 2016-17 academic year, Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) increased its graduation rate by nearly two percentage points. Additionally, the drop-out rate decreased by nearly one percentage point. The graduation rates were based on a four- and five-year cohort of students entering the ninth grade in the 2013-14 or 12-13 academic year. The dropout rate reports on students in grades 9-12.

“This is no small feat,” said Superintendent Christy Perry. “Our educators are implementing strategies in the classroom that are being supported by a cadre of wraparound services outside the classroom. In Salem-Keizer Public Schools, we are committed to high standards beginning early that get students to graduation. We know having effective educators in every classroom and in our schools is the key to getting students across the stage. One of our many successful offerings is our Career-Technical Education program, and if the 2018 bond measure passes, we’ll be able to expand program offerings at all of our high schools to help more students graduate ready for a great career or successful post-secondary education.”

The four-year cohort graduation rate for SKPS increased from 71.71 percent to 73.36 percent for the 2016-17 academic year. Four high schools – Early College, McKay, McNary and Sprague – had an overall increase in their four-year cohort graduation rate. Four schools – Early College, McKay, Roberts and South Salem – also increased their overall graduation rate in the five-year cohort. This checks in as the highest rate of graduation for SKPS since the 2013-14 academic year. Graduation rates cannot be compared to years prior to 2013-14, because modified diplomas were since included as graduates in cohort graduation rates.

SKPS also reduced in the district dropout rate, decreasing from 4.28 percent to 3.54 percent. Some students considered dropouts in the 2016-17 data have returned to SKPS programs this academic year to continue their pathway toward graduation.

Statewide, the four-year graduation rate for students who began high school in the 2013-14 school year is 77 percent, two percentage points higher than last year’s rate. The average four-year graduation rate in Oregon has increased nearly five points in the last three years.

Class of 2017 Fast Facts:

  •  2,172 traditional diplomas
  •  118 GEDs
  •  34 certificates of attainment
  •  86 modified diplomas
  •  23 extended diplomas
  •  2,433 high school completers

SKPS Points of Pride:

  • The graduation rate at McNary High grew by 3.9 percentage points.
  • The graduation rate at Sprague High grew by 2.76 percentage points.
  • The graduation rate for Career-Technical Education (CTE) participants was 87 percent.
  • The graduation rate for CTE concentrators was 93.36 percent.
  • The graduation rate for economically disadvantaged students grew by nearly three percentage points.
  • Early College, McKay, McNary, South, North and Roberts all decreased their dropout rate.
  • The dropout rate in Salem-Keizer Public Schools is below the state average.

Led by Superintendent Christy Perry, Salem-Keizer School District 24J is the second-largest school district in the state of Oregon. Nearly 5,000 employees serve more than 42,000 students in 65 schools in the cities of Salem and Keizer.