Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) today launched a new district website. The new site comes after an involved group of parents and special services providers engaged the district in ways the district can better serve students with special needs and their families. Their input laid the groundwork for an overall site overhaul.

“Through a collaboration with parents and service providers, every single school district and ESD website in Oregon was reviewed to provide us with recommendations for developing our new department site,” said Eric Richards, Director of Student Services. “This extensive process narrowed it down to six sites that were most family friendly and/or content rich and looked at their best practices. It is a great example of how our district partners with families to best serve all of our students.”

The new site also prominently features the district’s Twitter feed, which contains all breaking school news, including cancellations, delays and lockdown updates.

Developed by the SKPS Technology and Information Services team and the Department of Community Relations and Communications, the website can easily toggle between six different languages. SKPS is one of Oregon’s most diverse districts, and nearly one in four students is an English Language Learner.

The new site can be accessed with the same links –


Led by Superintendent Christy Perry, Salem-Keizer School District 24J is the second-largest school district in the state of Oregon. Nearly 5,000 employees serve more than 42,000 students in 65 schools in the cities of Salem and Keizer.