SKPS Communications connects with audiences

Regularly, the Communications team “asks” all its audiences – internal and external – how well the district communicates pertinent information and engages students, families, staff, and community in offering input on their communications needs. This includes how well the district uses its variety of communications channels, tactics and tools.

What we heard

  • Staff and families describe district as vibrant, diverse, engaged and highly supportive of its students.
  • Families felt their students were accepted, safe and cared for. Families favor and feel connected to their own schools.
  • Families believe that teachers and staff are hardworking and caring.
  • Staff were overwhelmed by amount of communication and not knowing when to release pertinent information.
  • Staff felt they missed important information from the district or that it came late.
  • Community focus group participants say district and schools need to improve outreach and communication with community members who feel disenfranchised and disconnected from schools.
  • What we are planning.

Development of strategies and action steps

The communications team in collaboration with district and school staff will develop strategies and action steps for implementation over the next year. This includes:

  • Strengthen internal communications and provide support and training to staff at all levels who are responsible for communicating with students, parents and the public.
  • Identify communications ambassadors at each school and program who can help the district ensure timely delivery of information to staff and families.
  • Strengthen the engagement of staff, parents and community members in the district’s decision-making process.
  • Develop a plan to communicate the district’s commitment to equity.
  • Improve communication to better serve the needs and interests of non-English-speaking families.
  • Continue to build strong relationships and partners within the Salem-Keizer communities – to help support student success.