Improvements funded by the 2018 bond continue across the district as students return to school this fall. Thanks to the community’s support of the bond, all schools in the district will receive some level of improvement.

Some schools will still be under active construction when school opens this fall. Because of careful planning and expert project management by the district and construction teams, schools can operate safely while under construction.

Each school’s construction schedule is unique. Some construction projects will be complete early in the fall, while others will continue for a few weeks or for many months. Some renovations inside schools will continue to make progress in the next several weeks, such as replacing temporary office doors, garage doors and plywood-covered window spaces.

The following schools will still be active construction sites when school starts this fall.

School Scheduled Completion Phone No.
Eyre Elementary Fall 2021 503-399-3311
Kennedy Elementary Fall 2022 503-399-3163
Myers Elementary Fall 2022 503-399-3175
Richmond Elementary Fall 2021 503-399-3180
Schirle Elementary Fall 2022 503-399-3277
Sumpter Elementary Fall 2022 503-399-3337
Yoshikai Elementary Fall 2022 503-399-3438
Parrish Middle Fall 2022 503-399-3210
Stephens Middle Fall 2022 503-399-3442
Sprague High Fall 2022 503-399-3261
West Salem High Fall 2022 503-399-5533

Some of these schools’ offices are currently located off site, but all will return to their home campus before school starts (return dates vary). Please call the school office phone number to find the dates, times and location of office operations between now and September 7.

Safety is the top priority for students, staff and visitors who are returning to a school that is under construction. Schools and construction contractors have set up fences on campuses where needed to help keep everyone safe. When visiting a school that is under construction please remember to:

  • Obey all signs and stay out of construction zones!
  • Don’t distract construction workers – allow workers to focus on their jobs to help keep themselves and others safe.
  • Please use extra caution when walking, biking or driving around campus and watch for construction vehicles.

Construction can cause some temporary disruptions, but the improved learning spaces for students are an important investment and the results will soon outweigh the inconvenience. Thank you, Salem and Keizer voters, for supporting the 2018 bond!