Each year during the month of January, SKPS recognizes School Board Appreciation Month. During this time, we spotlight the seven elected community members who volunteer their time to serve the more than 41,000 students in our 65 schools. 

Even though each member represents a zone in our district, the entire school board works together to serve all students in Salem and Keizer.

This year, the school board also appointed a student advisor, Grace Caldwell from McKay High School. 

The student advisor to the board was brought forth to create a more systematic way for board directors to get input from students on board decisions. 

How do you become a school board member?

Each board member is elected by local voters to serve a four-year term without pay. 

Are school board members employed by the school district?

No, school board members are not employed by the school district. The school board employs one person, the superintendent.

School Board Directors:

  • Osvaldo F. Avila, Chairperson Director Zone 1, Elected in 2021
  • Marty Heyen, Director Zone 2, Elected in 2019
  • Ashley Carson Cottingham, Vice Chairperson Director Zone 3, Elected in 2021
  • Satya Chandragiri, Director Zone 4, Elected in 2019
  • Karina Guzmán Ortiz, Director Zone 5, Elected in 2021
  • Danielle Bethell, Director Zone 6, Elected in 2019
  • María Hinojos Pressey, Director Zone 7, Elected in 2021
  • Grace Caldwell, Student Advisor, Appointed in 2021
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Salem-Keizer School Board, English
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Salem-Keizer School Board, Spanish