At its June 14 meeting, the Salem-Keizer Public Schools Board of Directors voted to adopt the $1,364,339,518 budget, which was previously approved by the Salem-Keizer Budget Committee at its meeting on Monday, May 23. The budget includes continued investments to support the expansion of the district’s dual language programs, a redesign of the secondary English Language Development program, social-emotional and behavioral supports, increased access to instruction for students with disabilities, as well as investments to support high-quality, rigorous instruction and address operational needs.

The 2022-23 adopted budget is built on the following strategic focus areas:

  • Services to students learning English and increased bilingualism
  • Social-emotional supports and safety systems
  • Access to rigorous instruction
  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Braided funds to support strategic, equity-based investments and outcomes

“This budget is strategy-driven and offers a different way to look at the budget rather than simply showing what has changed through a financial lens,” said Superintendent Perry. “We are braiding multiple funding sources together to support equity-based investments to improve student outcomes.”

Amendments by Budget Committee

Through the budget committee process, an amendment was made from the originally proposed budget to allocate an additional 10.0 FTE licensed teachers from the General Fund contingency to reduce class sizes at the elementary level, which is reflected in the budget approved by the budget committee.

The full budget, adopted by the Salem-Keizer School Board can be viewed on the budget webpage.