Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) continues to post requests for proposals (RFPs) to deliver work promised in the $619.7 million 2018 bond program on its procurement website. One recent RFP and a soon-to-be-released RFP support the safety and security upgrades included in the bond package.

RFP 357 solicits proposals for equipment, installation and maintenance of the district’s paging and emergency notification intercom system. The bond includes funding for intercom expansions to improve communication in emergency situations.

RFP 360 is in development to solicit proposals for security cameras. The cameras would be installed to fulfill a key safety component of the bond package – improving visibility of main entrances at some schools and support buildings so staff can better monitor and control who enters and exits. Only authorized school and district security personnel would have access to camera footage.

The 2018 bond package includes $21.1 million for safety and security upgrades. In addition to intercom system and security camera projects, the bond will renovate or relocate many school offices for better visibility of front entrances and upgrade electronic badge access systems across the district.

Thanks to the Salem and Keizer communities’ support of the 2018 bond, schools in the district will soon provide safer and less-crowded learning environments. For more information on the 2018 bond program, please visit the bond program pages of the district website.