Take Action INC provides nutrition resources for families in eight Salem-Keizer schools

Through a recent partnership with Take Action INC, hundreds of Salem-Keizer families now receive backpacks full of food each weekend. Take Action INC is working with eight of our elementary schools, including Highland Elementary.

“The goal is to provide students and families with food for the weekend since they don’t have access to school breakfast and lunch,” said Highland Principal Christi Cheever. “It can be challenging for families without transportation to access food bank resources, and we want to make sure nobody is going hungry.”

School staff and community volunteers help sort and distribute food once it is delivered to the school. They fill up backpacks, which are sent home with students for the weekend and returned to the school at the beginning of the week.

The eight following schools receive support in SKPS:

  • Auburn Elementary
  • Chávez Elementary
  • Eyre Elementary
  • Hallman Elementary
  • Highland Elementary
  • Lamb Elementary
  • Scott Elementary
  • Yoshikai Elementary

Since 2010, Take Action INC has provided food to hungry children in Northwest Oregon. Currently, Take Action INC supports 44 schools and serves more than 1,500 children.

“We are an all-volunteer non-profit,” said Michael Huber, president and co-founder of Take Action INC. “If you have a heart for at-risk children, we would love to have you partner with us as a donor, a volunteer or both.”

In the case that a school becomes fully self-supported and no longer needs assistance, Take Action INC will move on to help support other schools with needs.

For more information on Take Action INC and their mission to help children, please visit their website.