Salem-Keizer Public Schools’ (SKPS) Career-Technical Education Center (CTEC) is introducing two new programs this fall, Law Enforcement and Business Development and Leadership.

“We are excited to add two new programs to our center,” said Rhonda Rhodes, principal at CTEC. “The new programs expose our students to a wider array of career options and enable opportunity and critical skill-building in both the fields of law enforcement and business entrepreneurship.”

Salem-Keizer’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) students graduate at an impressive rate. The graduation rate for students who participate in one CTE class is 87 percent. That number jumps to 98 percent for students who complete coursework at CTEC.

Students enrolled in the Business Development and Leadership program will discover the responsibilities of taking charge. They will develop competitive business mindsets by operating successful CTEC companies, and students will master a wide range of dynamic business strategies for creating, communicating and delivering products and services.

The career focus for Business Development and Leadership is to prepare students for immediate employment and further education.

Students enrolled in Law Enforcement will work with certified law enforcement professionals in the community. Students will examine state and federal laws and their critical roles in police, corrections and rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. Students will also strengthen their minds and bodies through rigorous mental and physical training, including advanced self-defense tactics.

Law Enforcement offers ride-along experiences for aspiring police officers. Law Enforcement’s career focus is to prepare students for cadet programs, immediate employment, advanced certifications and further education.

CTEC prepares students for high-skill, high-wage and high-demand careers, while developing the skills, technical knowledge, academic foundation and real-world experience to assure success upon graduation.

CTE programs are offered at CTEC and each of the district’s traditional high schools, as well as Roberts High School, a non-traditional school. With the passage of the 2018 bond measure, CTE spaces will be expanded at each of those locations. CTEC serves as a dedicated program space for CTE courses outside of those offered at each respective high school.

CTEC is a public-private partnership between SKPS and the Mountain West Career Technical Institute. For more information about other programs offered at CTEC, please visit the CTEC website.