The Salem-Keizer Public Schools (SKPS) Board of Directors voted Tuesday to adopt a budget totaling $1,147,797,142. The budget includes construction expenses related to the May 15 voter-approved bond ballot measure. On May 22, the Budget Committee approved the budget.

The 2018-19 budget process included:

  • Superintendent’s budget message presented to the Budget Committee on April 24
  • Revisions to the Superintendent’s proposed budget presented on May 21
  • Budget Committee meetings accepting public comment on May 8, 15, 21 and 22
  • School Board budget hearing on June 12

The adopted budget incorporates a conversion of temporary employees into permanent positions. Each year, SKPS budgets a pool of dollars for the hiring of limited-term (temporary) adult assistance (sometimes referred to as one-on-one staff) to work throughout the year with emergent student needs. Over the past two years, SKPS has worked to convert this temporary employment into permanent positions in order to create a more stable workforce. The Full-Time Employee (FTE) over the past two years has increased as follows:

2016-17: 330.22 FTE
2017-18: 400.26 FTE
2018-19: 473.39 FTE (budgeted)

SKPS is reducing the limited-term adult assistance allocations to schools in order to stay within budget.

Even with this increase in permanent FTE, there has been an escalation in requests. To address this, between the proposed and approved budget, SKPS increased the pool dollars allocated for adult assistance by more than $2 million. SKPS also is supporting that escalation of need by dedicating more resources to the behavioral cadre, which in some cases can help mitigate emerging behavioral needs.

The budget was developed with four guiding priorities:

  • Investing in behavioral learning
  • Providing funding to implement an elementary math curriculum
  • Stabilizing staffing and resources to grow the graduation rate
  • Investing in student health and special education caseloads

The budget includes $424 million in the 2018 Bond Capital Fund to begin work on the first five projects: Gubser Elementary, Judson Middle, Waldo Middle, McNary High and North Salem High. To view the projects, click here.

The budget also includes:

  • Four full-time nurses
  • Four full-time counselors
  • 10 full-time employees in the Office of Behavioral Learning behavior cadre
  • $4.55 million for an elementary math curriculum
  • $400,038 for school-based health assistants
  • Adjusted compensation ranges for our most highly trained classified staff working with students who have behavioral challenges in our most restrictive environments

To view the full budget, click here.

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