Ensembles and soloists rack up an impressive number of awards

Salem-Keizer Public Schools music programs had amazing success at the 6A Oregon School Activities Association Music Championships May 7–14, 2022, at Oregon State University in Corvallis.

In total, SKPS music students and programs won an impressive number of awards. They include:

  • 11 first-place awards
  • 12 second-place awards
  • 10 third-place awards
  • seven fourth-place awards
  • three fifth-place finishes

Other highlights include sweeps in orchestra and symphony competitions

Highlights include three high schools sweeping the orchestra and symphony competitions by winning first, second and third places—South Salem, West Salem, and Sprague. West Salem also bought home first place in the band competition, with Sprague taking fourth place.

“We are extremely proud of the individual and ensemble accomplishments of our teachers and students,” said Dr. Stephen Lytle, coordinator of Music & Drama for Salem-Keizer Public Schools.

“The pandemic has challenged them and so to be able to shine like this is a testament to the work and artistry we have in Salem-Keizer and to the support our programs receive from the community”

State Championships Ensemble


  • South Salem High School—First Place
  • West Salem High School—Second Place
  • Sprague High School—Third Place


  • South Salem High School—First Place
  • West Salem High School—Second Place
  • Sprague High School—Third Place


  • West Salem High School—First Place
  • Sprague High School—Fourth Place


  • West Salem High School—Second Place
  • South Salem High School—Third Place

State Championships Solo

Small Woodwind Division

  • West Salem Flute Quartet—First Place

Large Woodwind Division

  • West Salem Saxophone Ensemble—First Place

Small Brass Division

  • Sprague Brass Duet—First Place
  • West Salem Trumpet Duet—Second Place

Large Brass Division

  • West Salem Trumpet Ensemble—First Place

Small Percussion Division

  • Asa & Tyler—McNary—Third Place

Large Percussion Division

  • West Salem Percussion Ensemble—Third Place

Small String Ensemble

  • Sprague String Quartet—Third Place

Large String Ensemble

  • South Salem Nonet—Second Place

Large Mixed Vocal

  • West Salem High School Soundscape—Second Place


  • Lauren Huber—West Salem—Second Place
  • Victor Ceja—McNary—Third Place
  • Evan Jackson—West Salem—Fifth Place


  • Hannah Kuper—McNary—Second Place
  • Gary Hickam—West Salem—Third Place
  • Darius Yehnert—Sprague—Fourth Place
  • Max Bishop—South Salem—Fifth Place

High Saxophone

  • Andrew Bryson—West Salem—First Place
  • Sam Banton—McNary—Third Place
  • Isaiah Hoeft—West Salem—Fourth Place

Low Saxophone

  • Gary Hickam—West Salem—First Place


  • Nicholas Peterson-Hunt—West Salem—First Place
  • Caden Randolph—Sprague—Second Place
  • Keegan Arnsmeier—McNary—Third Place


  • Caeden Leach—West Salem—First Place
  • Waleed Nahedh—West Salem—Second Place
  • Aiden Wilson—McNary—Fourth Place


  • Avery Rowzee—Sprague—Fifth Place

Rudimental Snare Drum

  • Titus Thomas—McNary—Fourth Place


  • Even Randolph—Sprague—First Place


  • Ian Clawson—South Salem—Fourth Place


  • Caden, Harris-Clippinger—South Salem—Fourth Place


  • Sofiya Zavydovska—South Salem—Second Place

Oregon State Jazz Championships

Mt. Hood Community College Saturday, May 21, 2022

  • West Salem—Second Place (6A)
  • McNary—Third Place (6A)
  • North Salem—Third Place (5A)
  • South Salem—Four Place (6A)