In May 2018, voters approved a bond to fund improvements all across the district. North Salem High School was the first project under the 2018 Bond Program to begin construction, and has a total project budget of $73.5 million, making it the largest project in the bond program.

This November, an art class at North Salem saw an opportunity to use the high school’s construction project as a model for an art assignment.

North Salem High School Students Use Construction to Create Art

Michelle Dickson’s art class was learning about two-point perspective and how to create a sense of depth using parallel lines. With construction just outside her classroom window, Michelle saw a perfect opportunity to apply what the students were learning in class to a real-world project.

“It was a lot of fun watching the students bring the construction to life using art,” says Michelle. “Being able to connect student creativity with the bond work that’s improving our school is really a great thing.”

A fence separates the construction activity from the rest of the school campus. Students stood just outside the fence to get the best and safest angle of construction as they developed their artwork. The angle of construction in the drawings includes the new satellite commons, career and technical education (CTE) spaces and main gym.

Highlights of the improvements happening for North Salem include twenty new classrooms, one new science lab, two CTE program (formerly known as vocational programs) spaces for Woods Manufacturing and Health Services, spaces to support Special Education, new main and auxiliary gyms, additional parking, new satellite commons and much more.

Construction is making good progress and is expected to be completed early in the fall next year. North Salem will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate when construction finishes.

More information about bond work as well as construction progress photo galleries can be found here.