Dear SKPS families,

It is hard to believe that we are already two months into the school year and looking ahead to winter break. The success of our students during these first two months is a testament to your commitment to your student’s education. We are grateful to families for supporting our efforts by preparing students to meet learning demands each school day and following safety and Covid protocols, or keeping students home if they are ill.

Veterans Day (Nov. 11) and Non-Student Contact Day (Nov. 12)

Coming up on Nov. 11 is Veterans Day and a school holiday. Because Veterans Day falls on a Thursday this year, we have a unique opportunity to support the well-being of our staff and students by allowing a longer break in instruction.

We have decided that Friday, November 12 will be a non-student day with no online or in person learning. There will be no need for students to make up the day as we continue to meet the required instructional hours.

Grab-N-Go Meals on Friday, Nov. 12

We are working with our current child care partners to offer child care at some sites. Please check in with your child care provider to determine locations. In addition, we will provide lunch meals at a limited number of sites. Students from any school in the district can visit these sites for a hot lunch.

To staff and families who have served or currently serve in our armed forces, thank you for your service.


Christy Perry, Superintendent