As we enter into the last half of the 2018-19 school year, it’s important to keep regular school attendance a priority in your child’s life. Throughout the district, you may have heard your school talking about Every Day 24J, the districts attendance campaign to help raise awareness about how chronic absenteeism affects our students.

Did you know we currently have nearly 1 in 3 students who are chronically absent across the district? That means 29 percent of students are missing, on average, two days of school each month. If this continues, chronically absent students will miss out on an entire month of instruction for the 2018-19 school year.

As you would expect, this impacts learning at foundational levels and can negatively impact a student’s likelihood of reaching high school graduation.

How can I help my child be at school every day in District 24J:

  • Communicate with your child’s school
    Every once in a while, your child may need to miss school. When these situations occur, it’s important to communicate with your school. If unforeseen challenges arise such as transportation or child care – your school can work to connect you with resources to help.
  • Know when your child truly is too sick for school
    When a child gets sick, it can be difficult to determine if they are too sick to attend classes. Utilize our when is sick too sick flyer to help you determine if your child should stay home. If your child needs to stay home, it’s important to communicate with your school to ensure they can stay on top of all assignments or create a plan for absence. Use your attendance magnet to track absences. If you need a new one, simply contact your child’s school.
  • Set good examples and enforce rules. Talk positively about the impacts of education
    As a parent, grandparent or guardian, you are your child’s most influential teacher. Talking positively about how education can impact your child’s life and setting expectations with your children early about attendance can help your child feel motivated to attend regularly.
  • Stay involved in your child’s school life and after-school activities
    For students, there is often much more to school life than attending classes. Staying involved in your child’s interests and helping them navigate after school activities can help students feel more connected to school.
  • Show your interest in your child’s academic work and attend conferences
    Attending conferences allows for open lines of communication with your student and their teachers. This helps you identify if your child is struggling in a particular area and how to connect them with proper supports.

At Salem-Keizer Public Schools, we want all of our students to graduate prepared for successful lives. Students who regularly attend school are more likely to graduate, setting the stage for success in college and higher rates of employability.

Help us in encouraging your student to be there all day, every day in District 24J.

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