Construction at Judson began in the summertime and has steadily continued into the school year. The bond-funded construction includes a classroom addition with three new general classrooms and four new science labs. Work also includes a cafeteria expansion, a new multipurpose fitness room and removal of all portable classrooms.

Construction at Judson has made a lot of progress! Construction workers poured the foundational concrete slab for the new classroom wing. The crew also began work on the roof and walls of the new classrooms and science labs.

Judson's new classroom wing

New classroom wing

New classroom

Inside one of the new classrooms

The construction crew poured foundational concrete slabs for the new multipurpose fitness room and the cafeteria expansion. The walls are up and workers have begun roofing for the multipurpose fitness room. They’ve also placed some of the new columns to prepare for construction of the cafeteria expansion.

Judson's new multipurpose fitness room

Multipurpose fitness room

Judson's multipurpose fitness room

Inside the new multipurpose fitness room

Judson's cafeteria expansion

Cafeteria expansion

Over $15.1 million will be invested in improvements at Judson! Work is expected to be complete by early fall 2020.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding. The improvements at Judson will help relieve overcrowding, expand learning opportunities for science education and better support students as they prepare for the next steps in their education.

You can track Judson’s construction project by viewing their photo gallery on the bond page. A photo album can also be found on Facebook, and more information about bond projects is located on the district website.

Bond elements