North Salem High School Freshman Zeta Sulzmann has only lived in Salem for about three months and is already amazed by how much the Indian Education program has positively impacted her life.

Click below to hear Zeta perform “Build Me Up Buttercup” at North Salem High School Choir’s Java Night.

Zeta is a member of the Nimiipuu or Nez Perce tribe. The Indian Education program has helped her build an understanding of her culture, which has helped her succeed in the classroom as well.

“The Indian Education program provides tutoring on Mondays,” said Zeta. “It is so helpful and I am so grateful and fortunate to have that because they have influenced and pushed me to succeed in school. The extra support is amazing.”

When asked about how connecting to her culture has affected her life, Zeta’s face lit up as a big smile grew on her face.

“I’ve started listening to native music and watching powwows,” she said.

Zeta talked about getting to attend a Supaman concert. Supaman is a Native American hip hop artist who always has an inspirational message for his audiences.

“That was so cool because I had never seen anyone in person wearing the regalia he wears,” Zeta explained.

Zeta has a wide range of talents with different musical instruments and she hopes to incorporate her culture into her music in the future.