Students who want to attend a school other than their assigned school may apply for an in-district transfer (IDT) between November 1–30, 2022.

If your student already has an approved IDT, you do not need to fill out the application.

In-district transfer details

  • There is no guarantee a transfer request will be approved.
  • Students attending school on an IDT are not eligible for bus transportation.
  • Please note that IDT applications received after November 30, 2022, will not be considered.

In-district transfer forms

  • In-district transfer request forms can be picked up at your student’s assigned school.
  • Forms are available on the Student Transfers web page beginning November 1.
  • Turn in the forms at your student’s home school.
  • The forms will be taken offline on December 1, and posted again during the in-district transfers window in March 2022.

Transfer approvals made during the November window are approved for the current 2022-23 school year.

Please contact your assigned school if you need more information.