Setting Up a Learning Space at Home

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Published On: August 28, 2020 |
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Setting Up a Learning Space at Home

To create a space that will allow your student to feel comfortable, focused, and organized to engage in distance learning.

“Beyond physical space, effective learning experiences begin with parents and children who view learning as positive.”

Setting Up a Learning Space at Home
(Salem-Keizer Public Schools)

How to Create a Space for Learning at Home
(University of California Television)

Tips for setting up a learning space

  • Select a space with minimal distractions.

  • Give your child ownership by allowing them choice in some of the decisions, such as in selecting school supplies and the type of container used to store them.

  • Store school supplies in a consistent and convenient location where they are easily accessible.
  • Allow flexibility with seating such as a chair, exercise (bouncy) ball, cushion, the floor or even standing.
  • Provide headphones to help block out background noise.
  • Personalize the space by adding a meaningful touch such as a decoration, picture, fidget, or daily schedule.