The Salem-Keizer Future Farmers of America chapter had 36 future, current and past members volunteer at a variety of booths at the 35th Annual Oregon Ag Fest in April.

The students represented three schools in our district, McKay High School, West Salem High School and Waldo Waldo Middle School, along with FFA students from Willamette Valley Christian.

In total, the students racked up a cumulative total of 294 volunteer hours.

Students educated more than 15,000 people about Oregon’s Agriculture industries—from the nursery industry to agricultural mechanics/engineering—and even the livestock industry. The students took ownership of their areas and stepped up to be young leaders during the event.

Coordinators of the events were deeply impressed by the caliber of students that our district produces. Students’ readiness to adapt to various situations without hesitation, and their willingness to learn, was highly praised. Students were able to work alongside members from the Oregon Farm Bureau, Oregon Association of Nurseries, Oregon Sheep Growers Association and more.

A handful of students members even stayed past their scheduled volunteer time to help break down the entirety of Columbia Hall so that the Ag Fest coordinator group could also go home at a reasonable time.

These students truly embodied what the motto of the FFA Organization represents, Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, and Living to Serve.