Are face coverings required? Are face coverings required outdoors?


Face coverings are required for all staff, students (5 years and up) and visitors while indoors in all school facilities.

Face coverings optional outdoors effective Monday, Dec. 6

The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education recently released updated guidance on outdoor face covering requirements for schools. Effective on Monday, Dec. 6, all students, staff, volunteers and visitors are no longer required to wear face coverings while outdoors.

Includes but is not limited to

  • athletic events
  • outdoor PE
  • outdoor music
  • recess
  • arrival and dismissal

Until additional updates are provided, all physical distancing and other related safety protocols still apply. People who feel more comfortable wearing a face covering while outdoors may continue to do so.

Are face coverings provided?

Each building will have face coverings available. Please check with the school office if you are in need of a face covering.

What opportunities for “mask breaks” will students have?

If a student is in need of a mask break, they should communicate this with their teacher. Teachers will manage this on an as-needed basis. There will not be designated mask breaks during class time.

How will wearing face coverings be enforced?

What we noticed during hybrid learning and our summer programs is that our students do a great job of wearing face coverings. When reminders are needed, staff just provide a gentle hand gesture or verbal reminder. We will also provide face coverings for any student who needs one. Students will not be allowed in class if they refuse to wear a face covering and do not have an accommodation.

What accomodations are allowed for a student to not wear a face covering?

Exceptions to face coverings are only made through a 504 plan or an IEP team decision.

How about face coverings on school buses and activity vans?

Required for students and staff as per federal regulations. This is required for students 2 years of age and older.

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